Tasks and Functions


The tasks of National Institute of Public Administration based on Presidential Regulation Number 57 of 2013 are conducting Government tasks in the field of Public Administration as stipulated in respective Laws and Regulations.



In conducting its tasks, LAN performs the functions of :

  1. Conducting studies and formulating a set of national policies in the field of public administration;
  2. Conducting public administration studies in the field of administration reform policies, decentralization, and regional autonomy, public administration systems and public administration laws;
  3. Developing public administration innovation in the field of governance, public service as well as institution and human resources of the state apparatus ;
  4. Providing facilities and fostering the activities of government institutions in the field of public administration;
  5. Fostering, quality assuring, and organizing education and training for the state apparatus;
  6. Fostering functional groups within LAN's authorities as stipulated in respective laws and regulations ;
  7. Developing public ministration capacities; and
  8. Fostering and providing administration support in conducting its tasks and functions.
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