61th Anniversary: LAN Prepares the Next Generation of Professional ASN with High Integrity and Public Service-Oriented Featured

Jakarta – Chairman of National Institute of Public Administration (LAN) Dr. Adi Suryanto encouraged the whole nation to be committed to breakthroughs and innovations at the opening ceremony of LAN’s 61st anniversary in Jakarta, on Monday. Adi emphasized the importance of innovations in tackling challenges of our era and developing capacity of State Civil Apparatus (ASN).

“I urge the whole nation to keep searching for innovative breakthroughs to tackle challenges and initiate strategic change agenda in the field of ASN competency development,” he said

Adi Suryanto said that LAN had made some efforts in developing the capacity of ASN by initiating the concept of ASN Corporate University.

“This concept comes from the idea that there are 737 education and training institutions spread all over government institutions both central and regional. However, they are not integrated as an unbelievable power; therefore, it needs to be reformulated,” he said

Adi Suryanto also encouraged all LAN’s employee to collectively escalate their commitment, dedication and spirit to develop the country.

“61 years is a big milestone for a government agency. National Institute of Public Administration (LAN) had experienced long and winding road with its dynamics and transformations. Every day the challenge is becoming more complicated,” he added

In the event, chairman of LAN also expressed his appreciation to all stakeholders, employee, widyaiswara, policy analyst and the whole ministries, institutions and Regions for their dedications to develop the capacity of ASN through the bestowal of several awards. Governor of South Sumatera, Alex Noerdin and Governor of East Java, Soekarno were presented with Widyaiswara Ahli Utama award for their dedications.

“My appreciation to Governor of East Java Province and Governor of South Sumatera for their incredible dedication and attention towards the development of ASN competency. I really appreciate the progress you have made in managing BPSDM in East Java. Hopefully, this could be transferred to others,” he said.

LAN also presented several awards such as best Widyaiswara award, INAGARA award, best policy analyst award (AKUI), best training institution award with the theme “Techno Training Center, best STIA Student award for bachelor and Magister program, and best unit award in finance management, information technology, and social media. The awarding was the highlight of the whole series of LAN’s 61st anniversary event.     

Last modified on Friday, 10 August 2018 13:29