• Carrying out roles with dedication and commitment to organization 
  • Upholding ethical values and social norms 
  • Aligning thoughts, words and actions 
  • Putting the obligations of public services above personal interests 
  • Upholding Trust 



  • Carrying out tasks and duties according to skills and competencies
  • Focusing on result orientation 
  • Upholding the Civil Service Code of Ethic  
  • Continuously developing self potential 
  • Carrying out duties and obligations responsibly 
  • Ability to make independent and team decision making



  • Acting and Thinking Outside the Box 
  • Encouraging creativity focused on adding value
  • Making continuous improvement process and methods 
  • Able to adapt to new technologies 
  • Willingness to take risk in decision making 



  • Upholding  the spirit of togetherness and  the culture of "gotong royong" 
  • Being Impartiality 
  • Being able to sense and understand the feeling of others 
  • Being supportive in the workplace 
  • Being friendly, kind, thoughtful, and helpful
  • Willing to listen and take constructive criticism 
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