Leaders Need to be Skilled Communicators Featured

Alumni of leadership training should have sufficient capacity and competency in managing changes within their organizations. Leaders also need to be skilled communicators in order to effectively communicate various policies in their organizations

The subject was mentioned by Chairman of National Institute of Public Administration (LAN) Dr. Adi Suryanto, M.Si in his remark during opening ceremony of Reform Leader Academy and Leadership Training Level II and III Batch XVII in Graha Makarti Bhakti Nagari, LAN, Pejompongan, on Friday (30/11).

Chairman of LAN Adi Suryanto said that, leaders should be able to convince and persuade others to embrace changes they’ve made. Hence, it took strong experience of leadership to accomplish it.
“in addition to that, leaders of changes need to have effective communication strategy to support policies to be issued,” he explained

He further explained that LAN was the place to produce better leaders of changes.
“The success of leadership training could be indicated from the alumni who could drive their organization to the better by delivering qualified public service,” he added.

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