LAN Creates Responsive to Change Leaders

Jakarta – As a government agency responsible in managing and overseeing the delivery of National Leadership Training, National Institute of Public Administration is committed to create leaders who have ability to change VUCA into VUCA.

“National Leadership Training is aimed to achieve agile bureaucracy through the establishment of bureaucracy leaders who have the ability to transform VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) into VUCA (Vision, Understanding, Clarity and Agility),” said Chairman of NIPA, Dr. Adi Suryanto, M.Si in his remark during the opening ceremony of National Leadership Training Level I Batch III of 2019 at Graha Makarti Nagari LAN Pejompongan, on Thursday (14/3).

Chairman of NIPA further explained that leadership agility was the competency needed to lead in a world of rapid change and increasing complexity. Leadership agility is the ability to take effective action in facing global megatrend: The Expert, The Achiever as well as the Catalyst. In other words, agile leaders are leaders who anticipate and respond to rapidly changing conditions and practice agile principles in policy making.

 “This Leadership Training will create agile leaders who are able to promote self-awareness, listen to people’s need, help those around them to develop, put competency development above processes, prioritize humanistic dimension and value their employee by giving reward to create a greater goal for the organization,” he explained. 

Finally, chairman of NIPA said that NIPA was committed to create agile leaders by making breakthroughs in its training programs and ASN competency developments namely curriculum reorientation through development of new literacy based on data, technology and humanity. In addition to that, LAN developed hybrid-based/blended learning method, and encourage entrepreneurship and internship in every competency development program. Moreover, LAN consistently developing and enforcing the capacity of the trainers.

Last modified on Thursday, 21 March 2019 22:43