ASN As A Capital to Achieve World Class Bureaucracy


Jakarta –  Over the last few years, ASN is still considered as a production asset. Therefore, the effort of improving capacity of ASN through competency development program is still considered as a squander. On the other hand, in order to achieve the Indonesia 2045 vision and to tackle Global Megatrend challenges require Indonesian bureaucracy to be able to adapt and to catch up with other counties. It was said by Chairman of National Institute of Public Administration, Dr. Adi Suryanto, M.Si in his remark during the opening ceremony of Leadership Training Level I, Batch 41 at Graha Makartio Bhakti Nagari, Pejompongan, Jakarta (12/03).

 “On the one hand, we know that developing a country, a government, and a world class bureaucracy have become our necessities. But on the other hand, world class bureaucracy will be impossible to achieve if we don’t take things seriously. It requires an intervention program, good planning and implementation, hence, we could effectively manage all the resources to improve the quality of human resources,” he explained.  

 “ASN should be perceived as human capital. If we agree on that, all the efforts of improving capacities, educating, developing competencies of State Civil Apparatus (ASN) will become an inevitability,” he added.

On the occasion, Chairman of LAN hoped the 35 participants of National Leadership Training Level I Batch 41 could contribute not only to their respective institutions but also to the government. Thus, eventually the quality of bureaucracy in Indonesia will be improved and world class bureaucracy could be established.

Last modified on Friday, 15 March 2019 17:56